Silicone Rubber Sheet 6×6-inch by 1/16 Black [3-pack]

  • 3 SILICONE RUBBER SHEETS – Includes 3 Black Sheets of Rubber 6×6 by 1/16 in (15.2cm x 15.2cm x 0.16cm).
  • DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) MATERIAL – Great for your home and workplace. Cuts easily w knife/scissors.
  • LOW/HIGH TEMPERATURE resistance silicone rubber broad temperature range -100ºF to 400ºF
  • APPLICATIONS – gaskets vibration reduction insulation leveling abrasion cushioning protection
  • MATERIAL – Silicon Rubber Gasket Material Duro Shore A60 (+/- 5) Tensile Strength 6Mpa, Elongation 400%

MATNIKS Silicone Rubber Sheets main ingredients consist of a compound of a unique rubber gum and high-purity silica. This silicone rubber have the characteristics of having both inorganic and organic materials that gives a number of advantages not found in other organic rubbers.
MATNIKS Silicone Rubber have good chemical stability, flame retardancy (*compare to other rubbers), fine electrical properties and superior resistance to heat and cold. This versatility gives them the advantage to be used in nearly every industry to improve the quality and functionality of products including electric and electronic equipment, office automation equipment, automotive, food products, household goods and leisure products.
NON – CORROSIVELY – Silicone rubber is chemically inert with good release properties to not corrode other materials.
VIBRATION ABSORPTION – Silicone rubber sheets work very well to isolate vibration. *Always do safety test before applying flame or high heat to any application.
✔️SILICONE RUBBER SHEETS – Includes 3 black sheets of rubber 6 in x 6 in by 1/16 in. (15.24cm x 15.24cm x 0.16cm)
✔️DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) MATERIAL – Great for your home and workplace projects. Cut it easily with a knife or scissors. Excellent electrical insulation, ozone, weather and heat resistant properties.
✔️HEAVY DUTY, LOW and HIGH TEMPERATURE resistance, HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – This material has a broad working temperature range that allows it to handle high and low extremes. Also, exhibit good levels of weather and chemical resistance, making them ideal for a host of outdoor and industrial uses.
✔️ APPLICATIONS – Use the Rubber Sheet for projects like gasket creation, vibration reduction, water insulation, leveling objects, abrasion, floor cushioning, hammering protection, electric insulation, sound reduction, covers, hoses, o-rings, belts, oil resistance, vibration absorption.
✔️ INDUSTRIES – Automotive, marine, consumer, industrial, household, food