Commercial Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Color Black, 12in x 12in x 1/16 Thick, Smooth Finish

  • 1 RUBBER SHEET – Includes 3 black sheets of rubber 12 in x 12 in by 1/16 in.
  • DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) MATERIAL – This product is great for your home and workplace projects. Cut it easily with a knife or scissors.
  • HEAVY DUTY/HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER MATERIAL – This rubber was dried using a special process that will help retain it’s natural properties, reduce environmental toxic gasses (vs. drying with carbon burning).
  • POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS – Use the Rubber Sheet for projects like gasket creation, vibration reduction, water insulation, leveling objects, abrasion, floor cushioning, hammering protection, electric insulation, sound reduction…
  • MATERIAL – Neoprene , Rubber , Chloroprene.

ALL PURPOSES 12 x 12 x1/16 in. RUBBER SHEET COMMERCIAL NEOPRENE COLOR BLACK HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER – This rubber sheet is made with the best quality materials and process in the market.

  • DO IT YOURSELF PROJECTS – This sheet is perfect for making a great variety of projects for your home and for your business.
  • GASKETS – Build different shapes of gaskets for plumbing, mechanics, industrial applications by easily cutting with a utility knife or scissors.
  • ALL-WEATHER RESISTANT – This product will not crack and will stand long periods of time under the sun or underwater.
  • DESCRIPTION General purpose elastomer Color BLACK economically priced, good for making flanges, gaskets, sides of conveyors, supports, cushions and all kinds of applications where rubber elasticity is required at low cost. Compound with high absorption factors ideal for absorbing sound, vibrations and trepidations energy. Modern construction technologies lead to the design of structures, walls and whenever lighter slabs requiring vibrational energy absorbing materials. The commercial neoprene material is suitable for tiles and walls placed between isolating footsteps and sounds in the range of 200-1500 Hz. Excellent as isolate vibration, shake and sound contiguous structures. Their sealing properties make it useful to stop water leaks between floors and walls.
  • RECOMMENDED GLUE or ADHESIVE – The Smooth Finish Rubber Sheet is very easy to glue to a variety of surfaces. To find the best glue for the Job, go to ThisToThat dot com and search for Rubber, then pick the surface you will like to glue too. Note: All rubber sheets are New and they may include some visual marks or small imperfections standard to the cutting, packing and handling process that would do not alter natural properties of the material.

Physical Properties

  • HARDNESS:  Duro Shore A65 (+/- 5)
  • TENSILE STRENGTH: 500 lb/in2 (3.5Mpa)
  • OPERATION TEMPERATURE (Fº):  -40°F – 176°F (-40°C – 80°C)